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Our philosophy:

At ilovewine.cz, we are dedicated to helping you find delicious wines from all over the world that are good value, interesting to drink, pair well with food, and are (mostly) from 100-300 Kč. Our prices include a donation to one of three charities operating in the Czech Republic.

Behind ilovewine.cz

Our parent company, Sante Holding, s.r.o., was originally founded in 1997 so we have a lot of experience with wine. Our main area of expertise has been selling wholesale wines through hypermarkets and to date, we have sold approximately 4 million bottles via the largest chains in the country. Now we are using that knowledge to bring the end consumer (you!) the best high-value wines on the market.

How it Works

  1. Find a bottle: search and view our wines by price, professional ratings, varietal and country or use one of our top rated or most popular lists (on the left) for a quick selection.
  2. Read and learn about each wine you select and put together an order that you are happy with. Your wine will be delivered in 3-4 business days.
  3. Use your account to remember what you bought so you can refine your selections and build a collection of wine you are happy to share with good friends.

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